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What Are The Most Powerful Kicks?

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Over at The MMA Zone they have written a good article highlighting the most powerful kicks in Taekwondo.  Since TKD is known as the art with the most kicks are these the most powerful kicks in all disciplines?  First, I agree that these are the 5 most powerful kicks in Taekwondo, what do you think? Second, are there any Muay Thai kicks or any other martial arts out there that can beat these five?

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Most Powerful Kicks?

Most Powerful Kicks?

  • 1, Front Kick (Ap Chaki) {Like Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva, hehe }
  • 2, Side Kick (yup chagi)
  • 3, Back (spin) kick (dwi chagi)
  • 4, Flying Kick (nalla chagi)
  • 5, Low Kicks (goollruh chagi)

Click here for the Taekwondo’s Most Powerful Kicks article.

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What Are The Most Powerful Kicks?, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings Related Posts

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