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MMA Workout Routines – Plyometrics For Your Cardio

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The perfect ingredient that will boost the MMA fighter’s cardio is known as Plyometrics. A successful MMA fighter has to be able to utilize explosive power during a takedown and just about any given situation during the fight. Plyometrics are often sports specific and should include full body movements. These compound movements could be jumping from the ground onto a box repeatedly. Another example of

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MMA Workout Routines - Plyometrics

MMA Workout Routines - Plyometrics

Plyometrics is performing a jump squat while carrying weight. Plyometrics will get the heart pumping and at the same time activate muscle fibers that are sport specific for the fighter.

The old saying of “fights are won and lost in the gym” should not be ignored by any aspiring MMA fighter. The harder you work in the gym through cardiovascular training, the longer you will be able to fight. Never depend on the fight ending early. Be prepared to go the distance. Through the proper application of these this cardio routine, the fighter will have a strong foundation that will be a true friend during the fight.

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MMA Workout Routines - Plyometrics For Your Cardio, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings Related Posts

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