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List Of Top 6 MMA Books You Need To Read In 2012!

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What Are The Best MMA Books For Learning Mixed Martial Arts?

The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Training Guide…

This book kind of came out of no where to take the top spot on the recommended list.  It is easy to see that the uthors put a lot of hard work into this book. It’s a very complete work covering all the aspects of MMA and is a must ready for beginners.

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Here is the list of training gear items you will need to follow this book:

  1. Jump Rope (pick up at local Walmart)
  2. Punching Bag of some sort
  3. Medicine Ball (Something you can toss around – Don’t necessarily need another partner you can throw it up into the air and catch it if you are by yourself)


UFC Encyclopedia

UFC Encyclopedia

UFC Encyclopedia

This book just recently came out but has quickly exploded to the top of MMA book lists everywhere.  Whether you like the UFC or not this book is an awesome MMA resource.  If you like
the UFC then this book has a fantastic timeline and events that lead up to the current day UFC.  The UFC Encyclopedia also incorprates the Ultimate Fighter information and stories that are very interesting to read.

This Enyclopedia is 400 pages of UFC stories and information behind the fights you have never heard.  When you first pick it up you will be amazed at the weight of this huge UFC reference book.  You will also be blown away with the incredibly crisp and bright images, the layout of it, and the in-depth information you can’t find anywhere else.  There are very detailed biography’s of the fighters that make up the UFC.


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MMA Book Review:

Jiu-Jitsu University

This books goes deep into the basics of Jujitsu and I love the fact that it is covered in a belt-by-belt perspective. The images are precise, clear, and huge to get a visual idea of the concepts laid out in the books and for someone like me who is a visual learner this is awesome!  Each technique discussed is  from various perspectives which helps and also in a top-down straight line fashion. The style this book covers is the same that is taught in Couture’s “Wrestling for Fighting” book.

This book has a unique structure in that it is written in a belt by belt structure.  So, depending on your personal skills you can skip right to the section that applies to you.  If you are a beginner start out in in the white belt section and so on.  As we have mentioned numerous times the quality of the images in this Jiu Jitsu book are exceptional.  The style of  the ‘jitz’ tutorials are supplement with clear concise demonstrative pictures and techniques so if you are more of a visual learner this book is for you.

One huge difference that sets this book apart from the rest is the belt pedagogy. In other books the techniques and tactics are randomly talked about throughout the book so they are scattered and hard to find.  In this book by Ribeiro however, each technique and movement are assigned per belt level, so each chapter builds upon the previous.  The critical thing to note is that this book combines defensive and offensive techniques together at for each belt level, along with sharing some advanced techniques per belt.  “However, it is important to know that this book groups like techniques within each belt level”. So, if you are trying to combine this book with an actual JiuJitsu class you will likely be out-of-step with this book. Ribeiro is presenting a pedagogy, not an encyclopedia of techniques, so if you’re considering this book, keep that in mind.

  • Purple Belt: The goal of this belt is to become proficient in the guard. The earlier pattern continues.
  • Brown Belt: The goal of this belt is to learn guard passing. The earlier pattern continues, and a variety of basic and advanced techniques are presented.
  • Black Belt: The goal of the black belt chapter is to learn submissions.

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MMA Book Review:

Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

The two most valuable lessons to take from this book is that first, a style of Mixed Martial Arts fighting should be built off of one main discipline with techniques from other styles added to complement the base style. Second, that the style should be an integrated blend, not a disintegrated patchwork hybrid creation. Penn warns us against developing the habit of separating grappling from striking, switching on the fly from one to the other. Rather, he says, we should always be doing both. The techniques in The Book of Knowledge are presented as whole MMA techniques which blend striking with grappling.

Bj’s book is made up of techniques that work for him and would be usable by most people. There are no kicking techniques and no leg-locks. What is shown are basic techniques, which if done properly, are always dangerous. Nothing fancy, just master the basics and shove them down your opponent’s throat until you beat him.

“All the basic positions are covered in this book from standing on the mat with multiple angles with clear concise color pictures to how to blend all the disciplines into one cohesive single fighting science along with everything in between.  One other feature is that it is color coded and tabbed for finding information quickly while training. This book is nothing but the highest quality from the printing to the content!”

The only problem might be for absolute beginners. Knowledge of some of the most basic concepts and positions is assumed. Even so, with some extra careful study and though, the total beginner would pick this material up.

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MMA Book Review:

Okay, so I am not saying this book just because Fedor is the best MMA fighter ever, but his book really is the fantastic book to get an overall feeling on MMA. Fedor does a great job at covering the essential areas within MMA like; striking, ground and pound, training, diet, and more. The Fighting System by Fedor has a lot of fans from this one book.

Some people say:

one of the best books I’ve read in regards to the basics of fighting
- Ron Cole
10/10 This is 263 pages of Fedors mma system. Every page you read is like being personaly coached
- David Deitch

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MMA Book Review:

Some other books that make the cut are ‘The Ground Game’ by Greg Jackson and ‘Ultimate Warrior Workouts’ by Martin Rooney. The ‘Ultimate Warrior Workout’ is a fantastic book if you are wanting to start training for your health and not competing.

Do you have any MMA books you are dying to tell people about? If so please leave a comment below.

Other Great MMA Books:

So what are your favorite MMA books?  Have you read the books we have mentioned and have an opinion about them?  If so, please comment in the section below.  We would love to hear from you!


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List Of Top 6 MMA Books You Need To Read In 2012!, 9.0 out of 10 based on 63 ratings Related Posts

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