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Some of the Best MMA Movies Ever!

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I wanted to put together a short list of some of the best MMA and martial arts movies off all time (off the top of my head). I have come up with the list below, however I am sure I have missed some good ones. So, please tell me the ones I missed in the comments below and I will get them added!

List of Best MMA Movies:


Stars Jean Claude Van Damme as he steps into the real-life exploits of Frank Dux as he enters the Kumite, an underground tournament where fighters come from all around to compete for the coveted title of greatest martial artist. Frank Dux was trained by a master, Senzo Tanaka, who first only used Dux as a sparring partner for his son. After the death of Tanaka’s son he decides to bestow upon Dux the secrets of the family’s martial art in hopes that pride will be brought to the Tanaka name. Competing in the Kumite comes with many difficulties, aside from the other fierce competitors, including evading the military and avenging a new friend who has fallen to the current Kumite champion, Chong Li.  more…

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The Quest:

Jean Claude Van Damme portrays Christopher Dubois in a story quite similar to Bloodsport. Dubois, a former thief, finds himself, through the intervention of two men, Edgar Dobbs and Harry Smythe, on an island, far from his home, learning the art of Muay Thai. After excelling in the art, Dubois comes face to face with the same two men who stranded him and sold him into slavery months before. Dobbs, recognizing the opportunity for fortune, buys Dubois’ freedom and they make way to a tournament, the knowledge of which is very exclusive. Intercepting the intended American champion, Maxie Devine, Dubois takes his place in the tournament, the consequence of such an act is if Dubois loses a single match Maxie must stay in the location of the tournament for the rest of his life.  more…

Never Surrender:

Featuring many well known and established MMA fighters including Rampage Jackson and Anderson Silva, Never Surrender is pure MMA at its best. An MMA champion is drawn into underground fighting where people seek to take advantage of him and his fighting ability.  more…


A once hustler on the street, Shawn MacArthur (Channing Tatum), is given the opportunity to make some real money by way of underground fighting. Going up against opponents stronger and bigger than him, Shawn advances through every opponent that steps in front of him. After winning several matches, Shawn finds himself about to face an acquaintance he once knew who has established a reputation as a professional fighter. With the odds stacking up against Shawn, he finds himself needing to turn the tables on the fight circuit and concocts a plan to walk away with all of the money.  more…

Never Back Down:

Teen fight club movie that gets the modern treatment. It’s an Age old story but Sean Faris as Jake Tyler breathes some life into the role. He doesn?t exactly look like a teenager, or a professional fighter, but the movie overall was solid.  more…

Red Belt:

Mike Terry is a martial arts instructor with money problems. Keeping with his honor and decision not to involve himself with tournaments and fights for money, he tries to find a means to support himself and his Dojo. After inadvertently endangering is friend’s job as police officer and becoming friends with a movie star, after protecting him in a bar fight, things begin to get even worse as plans made to make money dissipate and Terry is left with a substantial loan from a loan shark. Terry sees no other choice but to enter a tournament in hopes of raising the money needed to pay back the loan.

In Conclusion These martial art films represent many kinds of martial arts training, from Ninja, Karate, Brazlilian Jiujitsu, boxing, and Mma. The fighting type in these different kinds of motion pictures will be able to catapult the story plot just as much as the story plot alone; while observers watch in awe at exactly how fighters take out the bad guys as well as prevail over both the opponents along with the situations in front of all of them. What these types of pictures provide are generally experiences and true meaning which also hold true within a real-life Mma competition; that even though you’re the underdog, you’ll be able to still triumph.  more

Please comment below if you don’t agree, agree, or have something to add on this MMA moves list!

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Some of the Best MMA Movies Ever!, 7.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings Related Posts

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