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How To Get A Powerful Knock Out Punch?

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Many MMA fighters have asked themselves, “How the hell do I get more knockout power like  ______________ (insert favorite knockout fighter here)?”   On the Deadliest Warrior a show on the Discovery Channel they go through the science of the ultimate fighters throughout history in order to determine who were the deadliest fighters.  Some of the warriors they have studied on the show include; the Ninja, Gladiator, Cherokee Indian, Samurai, and more.

The Deadliest Warrior researched what exactly is the science behind a devastatingly powerful knockout punch! Watch the video to the right to find out more about developing your powerful knockout punch! A key factor in creating explosive power is the rear foot driving into the ground in order to start the process known as Kinetic linking. Kinetic Linking is the key to explosive power which must flow from the foot driving into the ground through the entire body up to the fist.  You will read more on this later when I talk about Mike Tyson’s knock out abilities.

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Also, it is important to note that the data from the dummy is critical in determining that getting knocked out is a horrible experience for the brain. So, don’t be on the wrong side of the knock out punch.

What We Can Learn From Mike Tyson

Forget the last 15 years of Mike Tyson and know that he was one of the best knockout artists of all time.  To the right is a video with Mike Tyson knocking out his opponents. If you have ever watched this monster box then you know exactly what you are going to see. Watch how in most of his knock out’s he is moving through the punch starting from his toes driving into the ground all the way to hist shoulders and ultimately to his fist landing the his opponents face.

Ronnie Lott who actually knocked out people on the gridiron is one of the hardest hitters ever in the NFL used to study Tyson’s knockout punches to see what he could learn. What Lott learned was every muscle in Tyson’s body was involved in the punch, not just his arms and shoulders. In the way that I talked about Kinetic linking earlier the power started with the foot driving into the ground then moved up the body to the fist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One way to eliminate somone’s power is to sweep their base foot. This way they will not be able to create the power they need.

List Of The Best Single Punch Knock Outs On HBO

One of the best ways to teach your body and learn how to throw a knock out punch is by watching different fighters doing it. If you feel that you connect with a specific fighter then go and look for that fighters knock out videos. The reason you will be drawn to a specific fighter is he or she will mirror you body and movement type.

To the right is a video of best knockout’s on HBO boxing. These aren’t MMA but you will get the idea of the timing involved in the knockout.  It is actually easier to knock out a fighter with the 4 to 6 ounce MMA gloves then the 16 ounce boxing gloves that a boxer has to wear.


Do you have a favorite knock out video or a drill you like to do in order to give you more power, then please comment below.

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