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Can I Learn Mixed Martial Arts Through A DVD Workout Program?

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We received a question the other day from a reader that asked, “Will doing program like this MMA exercise programs here  teach me MMA?”  MMA training in my opinion is one of the best type of fitness program someone can do.  The reason is that it focuses on the body as a whole and doesn’t try to break it up into sections.  So, when you train you not only are fatiguing and working the muscles but the cardio system as well.

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So, with everyone in the world now figuring out what we have known for almost 10 years training in mixed martial arts brings the best most rapid results when your goal it to get into shape and lose weight.  However, the issue comes when someone wants to learn and start looking for a MMA gym or school.  There are a lot of MMA training facilities opening up but for most people they aren’t fast enough and if you aren’t able to drive 3 hours to and from a workout then the hurdle becomes finding someone to teach you.

Turning Towards the Internet

The internet is a fantastic place to turn to to learn MMA.  Now a word or caution: Not everything you see, read, or hear on the ‘interweb’ is true!  Make sure you find reputable places that you can trust like Martial Art Book where we won’t try to sell you on a program that isn’t any good for your situation.

Will DVD’s Teach Me Mixed Martial Arts?

If your goal is to get fit and healthy then DVD programs like the GSP Rushfit program are perfect for you.  “If your goal is to enter the ring or octagon then you will certainly need individualized training” says Troy Macraft of The MMA Zone.  They will be able to teach you things in person on the ground and with striking that you just can’t teach through a DVD program.  However, if you are wanting to get into shape then an online or DVD program is well suited for you.  You can even supplement the DVD program with 1 or 2 days of getting into the gym and learning the technical skills of fighting.  The workout program will help your cardio so when it comes time to get into the ring or octagon you will be ready.

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Can I Learn Mixed Martial Arts Through A DVD Workout Program?, 9.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings Related Posts

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