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Best 6 Droid Apps for MMA

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Learn the basics, test your MMA knowledge, and never miss a fight!

MMA Training Droid AppsAre you looking for step-by-step training advice on how to put your opponent in an arm bar? Or did you make a friendly wager on your favorite MMA fighter’s professional record and need to settle up? Well, look no further! I’ve got the goods on the Top 6 Android Apps for Mixed Martial Arts. Now you’ll never miss a single fight, or a blog post from Shane Carwin, or tips on how to defend yourself MMA-style when you need it most—as long as you have hold of your droid or one of many HTC phones.  If you are more of an iphone then droid then you can check out the Top 10 Apps for MMA Training at The MMA Zone.

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Here are my picks for the top 6 MMA apps for your droid phone:

1. All In One MMA by MMA Zone (Free)

You might be an MMA junkie, but is your training getting in the way of your news updates? Never fear, the All In One MMA app offers up the latest news and video footage on UFC, Cagefighting, Local MMA, Strikforce, Women’s MMA, and MMA Gear matches…so you’ll never miss a thing! The app also offers elite MMA training articles and step-by-step video to give you the low-down on the best MMA techniques for your training arsenal. Plus, you’ll get dibs on your favorite MMA gear as well as accompanying gear reviews so you know your purchases are top notch.

2. MMA Underground Lite (Free)

Never miss a blog post from your favorite UFC great—like Dana White, Tito Oritz, Shane Carwin, and ring-master Joe Rogan. Get the latest updates from, the worldwide leader in MMA news where you’ll get the latest MMA updates as they break; a historical analogy of thousands of MMA stats, careers, and record- breaking information, and photo galleries featuring the sexiest card girls on the planet. Seriously, what’s not to love about this app?

3. iTrack MMA ($0.99)

Never miss a MMA fight! iTrack MMA will send alerts on upcoming UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, MFC, BFC, DREAM events and fights right to your Android phone when you utilize the app’s handy calendar feature. Plus, if you did miss a fight, you can still catch it in full-forum with all the results. Calendar

4. Mixed Martial Arts (Free)

Learn the basics of MMA-style Jujitsu with a step-by-step mental and physical app that will teach you the techniques and give you the self-confidence to attack, defend yourself, and spar one-on-one in the ring. The Mixed Martial Arts app features the down-low on traditional Jujitsu discipline and strength training combat methods, starting with the five main sectors of jujitsu training and what they stand for. As you progress, you can use the app to further learn details on strangulation techniques, sweeps and escapes, the principles of striking and what they stand for, and how you can utilize biting, gouging, poking and grasping techniques used in jujitsu to your advantage.

mma trivia app droid5. MMA Trivia (Free)

Become the master when it comes to mixed martial arts trivia. MMA Trivia features over 150 trivia questions accompanied by visuals and sound clips to test your knowledge of your favorite sport. Show how passionate you are about the MMA and its athletes by drilling your memory with MMA techniques, athlete stats, and the most recent MMA updates as they break.

6. Round Timer for MMA and Boxing ($0.99)

If you want to fight like a real MMA athlete, you’d better time your training MMA-style app. The Round Timer for MMA and Boxing will whip you into top form when you set up your training sessions according to MMA-timed rounds. Set your own custom interval training with real MMA sound effects allow that will help you recognize a live round vs. a break.

Author bio: Melanie Gray is a writer for BBGeeks, a popular site that provides BlackBerry news, commentary, and reviews of service providers such as T-Mobile.

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