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Frank Shamrocks “100 Workout” Explosion!

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There is no one that I feel is more respected in the area of MMA training than the legendary MMA fighter Frank Shamrock. When he fought he was amazingly balanced between the areas of striking and grappling. This was back in the day when a fighter was either one or the other, but not both. However, besides being balanced he was a pioneer in learning how to optimize training to fight the mixed martial artist and not just use the training that came from football, basketball, and other highly physical sports.

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This MMA training routine is what he calls his “100’s Workout” and it is easy to see why. So give this MMA routine a try and see the benefits for yourself, but please let us know by emailing or putting it in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Two days a week do the “100’s Workout.”

  • 100 squats
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 leg lifts
  • 100 shots
  • 100 sprawls
  • 100 bridges
  • 100 elevators
  • 100 stand-ups

Take a 20-second break in between and move right into the next technique and exercise.
This takes most about 40 minutes.

This MMA training routine is very focused, repetitive, and fatiguing. However this workout is very much centered around how an MMA fight will fatigue your body in an actual fight, so it is a very functional workout!  This is much like the functionality we talked about in the post: “How come MMA and UFC Fighters Train with Kettlebells?”.

The objective is to tire yourself out physically and mentally, but keep training because when many people get severely fatigued physically and mentally, they lose it, they lose focus or get tense and want to stop fighting.

About Craig Lightner

Craig is an expert in mixed martial arts training. Whether you are talking about fight science, diet and nutrition, strength training, and more you can count on Craig to have the latest information and technology.

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