Different Types of Martial Arts

There are various of martial arts with different styles and types that are popular all over the world. Some of them are very popular martial arts that include karate, Kung Fu, tae kwon-do, and all of these are practiced by kids, adults as well as teenagers. Even if your role models don’t include Jackie Chan, or any martial movie stars,  still you make be desperate to try some moves of this act.

Martial Arts started as a combat technique in ancient period. Based on the form, it involves moves like throws, punches and kicks, sometimes by using weapons like arrow and bow, swords and much more.

Practitioners enhance their cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, reflexes, power, balance and agility. Here are few of the types of martial arts that got good reputation all over the world.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA is a sport that combines different martial arts for competitive purposes.


Hapkido also known as “anti-martial art” is a famous Korean martial arts that is same as of Aikido that mainly uses throws and includes powerful kicking techniques.  This method is practised by many tae kwon-do schools, aiming on opponent’s kicks rather then concentrating on blocking forcefully. And for this reason, this martial art is very famous among law enforcement agents.


This Japan originated martial art uses pinning, striking, joint-locking and throwing techniques blended with weapon training. This martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba is considered as intense physical as well as spiritual training to the people.


It is a type of Japanese martial art, aiming mainly on take downs and throws. It is mostly same as of wrestling and mainly chokes and joint locks are used for the submission.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu martial art is sometimes called as the gentle art and this Japan art main aim is to defend the armored opponents. It mostly uses the take-downs as well as throws, pinning and joint locks subdue it opponents.


Karate, which translates to “open hand”, is considered a “hard” style of martial art from Japan. It uses strong punching, kicking and take downs to attack and defend against opponents.


It is one of the popular martial arts whose origin is in China. It is considered as a “soft” art and it mainly uses movements in circular to deflect the attacks by the. opponents. It uses less punching and kicking methods. Few members use kung fu as physical exercise and muscle improving fitness method.

Muay Thai

This Thailand originated martial art also known as kickboxing, employs powerful punching and kicking techniques that also emphasis the use of knees and elbows.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi also known as Tai Chi Chuan is the softest art and is a best self-defense form that uses locking and deflection methods. It is a favorite form of exercise for many teenagers and also old people to improve their overall physical health.