Best Foods to Increase the Performance of Athletes

The confusion behind the question what have to include in the diet of athlete beginners is never-ending, particularly because of the miracle foods that are constantly varying, while other foods fall from the grace. When the athlete diet is considered, it is very vital to consider the nutritional requirements for the development, growth and performance …

Effect of Caffeine on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

Studies have shown that karate is not only beneficial for our physical health but is also beneficial in the development of character, personality, mental and spiritual well being of a person. The main lesson being taught in martial arts is self defense but there is a whole spectrum of benefits being learned from it as well. It can benefit in the values formation of kids and adults alike as it focuses on teaching its participants to be more respectful, more disciplined and set a goal for themselves. And these are just some of the few character developmental benefits of martial arts as it cultivates excellent character in a person.

Goal setting is achieved in karate through the belt system. Students learn to exert more effort and push themselves harder in order for them to achieve a goal of getting a black belt. As you progress in martial arts you are warded with a corresponding belt color signifying your skills and levels of expertise. This can only be done if you have set a goal for yourself to get that belt and effectively find ways to get that belt which is through putting in more patience, practice and time in practicing the martial arts skills you learn in class.

Karate is also a good way to practice respect and courtesy. This is evident from the moment a student enters the martial arts school and with the formalities like bowing that involved in the martial arts. Students are encouraged to be respectful and courteous to their teachers as well as fellow students and those who only thinks of themselves and are inconsiderate are frowned upon and may even be refused of training as they are not worthy for karate training. As a result, students gain a more positive outlook in life. it is not just a mastery of combat skills but students are taught to be a good and honest individuals.

It is also a much disciplined martial arts which is evident in the practice of bowing upon the entrance and when the students leave the martial arts school or what they call as dojo. Students are required to call their teachers �sensei� as a form of respect. They are encouraged to throw away all the ill feeling and bad temper while practicing karate and are taught to exert self discipline when practicing the moves and striking techniques. These techniques can be dangerous and can hurt others thus the need to instill discipline on the students to prevent injuries upon themselves or their partners while executing the moves.

Bragging is not encouraged in this martial art and with the disciplined training and students will learn this value by heart. Conceited individuals are not accepted in the society of Karate practitioners and being humble is taught at all times. Students are also taught to learn from their mistakes and accept criticism from others as well as be courageous enough to admit their shortcomings and lack of knowledge instead of pretending that they know what to do.

Are You The Right Candidate For The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a combat sport developed ages ago by Asian monks. It is a way to defend oneself through various techniques of ground fighting and grappling. The techniques used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have evolved with a focus on fighting a stronger competitor and nullifying this advantage. While fighting, a stronger or larger opponent has advantage of better reach which he can translate into harder strikes. However, ground fighting does not provide this advantage.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uses tactics that involve throwing and tackling the opponent on ground. For this, the fighter needs to use the primary bases of his body hips and shoulders. This requires a lot of practice, especially if the opponent is stronger. Once the opponent is on the ground, a fighter can use various Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques to force the opponent to submit. The fighter has to aim to get a dominant position. This requires him to have a strong attack as well as defense mechanism. A fighter has to plan his moves and gauge his opponent’s moves to successfully win over him.

The submission holds used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be broadly divided into two groups joint locks and chokeholds. Joint locks can be defined as a position where a fighter isolates a joint of his opponent. This move is very painful. The fighter can use pressure to put his opponent’s joint out of motion so that he can control his entire body and force him to submit.